I'm playing catch-up tonight.  We christened our sweet muffin at the end of July last year and here are a few snip-its from that weekend.

We had the dress made from extra material I had left over from my wedding dress (long story).  Erika from Petite Parfait did an INCREDIBLE job on the dress and bonnet; she was wonderful to work with and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work making it for us.  It is surely something we will treasure for generations to come. 

Below is Addie Jane's dress next to mine in the box. My mom was afraid of getting the dress dirty since we had it preserved after my wedding. I secretly hope AJ will want to wear it one day, but I'll understand if she want's to do her own thing because she's at least worn my dress once already. 

We were so blessed to have so many family and friends at the ceremony and afterwards at her reception.  My godmother even came in from PA, which meant more to me than I can give words.

The ceremony was lovely; our wonderful Pastor PJ (first photos) who had helped teach our pre-baptism class and we had become friends with in the process actually baptized AJ which was a wonderful surprise to us that morning because we thought it was going to be one of the other pastors at our church.

Par for the course for our family there was of course drama.  At the alter I backed into a candle and lit some of my hair on fire (those of you who know me personally are not surprised by this I'm sure...I'm a bit of a klutz!)  Anyhow, Dan thankfully discreetly extinguished me so that no one else knew what was going on...however...the four of us at the alter couldn't stop giggling about my little pyrotechnic display.

My wonderful mom & father-in-law took most of these photos.  We had Alicia take some too at AJ's 6 month shoot in September but those are all in prints and not digital so I cannot share them here; it's without saying...they are adorable :)

In all we had a wonderful weekend surrounded by family and friends and I thank God every day for blessing us with our sweet muffin. 

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