Grandma what big eyes you have.....

When deciding on a costume for Addie Jane, Dan told me to keep in mind that it's almost always cold in Chicagoland for Halloween.  In September I found a cute little red bonnet with fleece lining...ergo...Little Red Riding Muffin for Halloween.  

The bonnet and dress are from two small vendors I found online; email me if you want more info, they were both fantastic to work with and I would recommend in a heartbeat.  I made the little apron and basket liner.  I had to dust off my sewing machine because it had been quite awhile since I had tackled anything other than a few loose seams.  I put my high school home economics skills to work! The shoes are Baby Gap and I found the basket at Michaels.  

I'm not going to attempt captions for each of these so I apologize in advance for the sheer number of photos...I couldn't pick just a few....so I give you them all! This blog is mainly for the grandparents anyhow! The first photo is from the fabulous Alicia of Alicia's Photography (which is why it is the best of the lot!), the rest are mine.


 Getting a baby and a dog to sit still for a photo...nearly impossible! Remi is supposed to be the big bad wolf to her little red riding hood, but he refused to be part of our shenanigans!

Below shows my attempt at a little red polka dot liner to the apron (the basket liner is the same red polka dot. I'm a details person; of course the apron and basket had liners!)

I had to include this one because you can barely see it but she's going after our dog Remi's favorite toy in this shot...a very smelly stuffed animal, and it's blurry because I'm trying to snap this super quickly before grabbing it out of her reach!

I wish that these weren't so blurry but she found a dusty mirror on a side wall that I had put there to get out of the way and she had a ball playing with it.

Later we went over to our friends house for the first of many Halloween nights.  Little Miss L was dressed up as a fairy and she looked adorable so I had to snag a few shots of her too!

Dan being goofy and cheesing for the camera; AJ was more interested in what L was doing!

Will you be my friend?

Ooooooooo a wand!

Love from mama; so sweet!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful time dressing up and trick-or-treating!

much love,

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