Birth Announcements

Addy Jane's birth announcements finally went out in June...a full three months after her birth!  They were sitting on my craft table for quite some time before I finally finished them.

When I start a project like this it is usually pretty straight forward, and then I add a little something here, and a little something there and the project gets out of hand.  The devil is in the details and boy do I love little details.  When you multiple this by 100+ announcements, add in a newborn and a husband who has a ridiculous travel schedule and I get behind!

I used a liner with the same print that I used for her bedroom from Rifle Paper Co; I love their floral prints.  They are girlie without being over the top.

I used coral A7 envelopes from Paper Source and used their template to create the liners. They are super simple to use if you have never done this before.  You simply pick whatever paper you like, trace the template onto the paper and then cut the liner out.  Use a glue stick or double stick tape to adhere the liner to the interior of the envelope and then use a bone folder to make a crisp crease line.  I had packed my bone folder so I had to use a little mini ruler to make the folds.

I used the USPS vintage seed packet stamps because they matched my color pallet. I'm a fan of being able to create your own custom stamp, but I really enjoy all of the fun stamps that are offered by the post office too.  In general, I'm a USPS girl; I'm okay with Fed-ex but I loathe UPS...loathe!  Okay, to be fair, I like our UPS guy...he's really nice...I just think that the UPS store is such a rip off compared to USPS.

The actual cards came from Minted; they use high quality card stock and a great selection of designs!  I also love that they have a designer review your card before they are printed; they can help tweak the design to fit your image so that you get exactly what you want and you aren't forced to squeeze your image into a cookie cutter mold. LOVE!

I used one of the photos from Addy's new born session by the fabulous Alicia and mixed the coral envelopes and ribbon with the pale pink of the diaper cover in the photo.  Addy Jane's room is coral and pink with Rifle Paper Co florals so I wanted to give a nod to her room with her announcements.  

I used a watercolor marker and a gold pen to address the envelopes; they weren't quite as detailed as I would have liked but I was ultimately happy with the outcome.

 I love my desk embosser from Paper Source and I use it for almost every envelope these days; it makes adding a return address easy peasy.  Note: be sure to emboss your envelope before you adhere your liner.  Friends and family, just wait for Christmas when I bust out my snowflake and tree embossing plates...get excited!

The finished announcement suite is below; I added our new address on a little card because we moved into our new house four days before Addy Jane was born and I didn't feel like sending two separate cards to everyone!

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