Uncle Godfather

Yesterday was Addie Jane's Uncle Eric's birthday.  Eric is soon to be promoted to Godfather status at the end of the month so we wanted to dedicate this little post to him.

We had to do a requisite Texas A&M photo shoot for him (this was actually done back in May when Gigi & Gramps were in town but I was saving them for now!)

However, as many know, I am a UT fan...and I've been indoctrinating Addie Jane early, so when I asked her if she wanted to attend A&M I got the below face in response...that's my girl!

 Aunt Kristen found the cute boots on Etsy....I thought they were fitting for an A&M outfit :)

Even though I have no love lost for your alma-mater we do love you!  Hope that you have a great day Eric!

much love,

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