Dan had to be in Orlando for a week for work and we thought that it would be fun to take Addie Jane down and we could stay with Gigi & Gramps while he had his meetings and then he could meet up with us on the weekend.

This all sounds fantastic right....however...we live in Illinois...

First thought: okay, let's fly.  Addie had been sick with her first cold (remember me, the germ-a-phobe, yeah, I didn't want to be on a plane with a little person with a weak immune system).  Secondly, as frequent fliers we really really really didn't want to be THOSE people with the screaming child on a 3 hr flight. AJ is curious about everything and as such she gets bored REALLY easily.

So, what I'm getting at is, wait for it, we drove.  Yes, you read this correctly, we, two college educated and mostly rational adults decided to take a 3 month old on a 16 hour car trip.  Let the ribbing begin.  Needless to say, it made for 4 rather long days of driving (two days down and two days back).

The bright side of this story is that we really had a great time visiting Gigi & Gramps (I'm calling my Father-in-law gramps because AJ is obviously not old enough to name him yet.  He and my dad have said that they don't care what they are called, and my dad adds "just as long as she calls me".  I call my dad pop pop.  We shall see what actually sticks!!!)

Gigi & gramps are really great hosts.  They bought a stroller to keep down in FL for Addie Jane and all future grandkids.  Both AJ and the fuzz had fun with the stroller!  AJ runs on the warm side and she would easily overheat in the Florida temps so they cranked their AC up for us and did all they could to help make her more comfortable.  However, because of the temps AJ spent a lot of time naked in Florida.

We decided to take Addie in the pool for the first time while we were there.  Gigi and Gramps have the perfect pool for a little one; it's screened in and has plenty of shade. I am a vampire when it comes to the sun...SPF 50, hat, long sleeves, the works...so it was nice to be able to enjoy the pool without worrying about burning. I asked Dan to pick up some swim diapers for AJ at Target, and the below outfit is what he came home with...I think that he's tired of all of the pink!

Remi even got in on the action, though he had to be persuaded!

Dan's parents also had the idea to invite all of the Florida aunts and uncles along with her great grandparents so that they could meet her.  Besides, we love seeing them too!

Dan and I have been married 6 years now but I never really felt like part of his family.  That sounds terrible, but let me explain: everyone has ALWAYS, ALWAYS made me feel welcome, but what I mean is that looking at the photos on the walls of their great great grandparents and great aunts and uncles, they always just seemed like just a bunch of old photos.  On this trip I saw them in a different light.  All of the people in the photos on my in-laws walls are part of Addie's family tree and Addie is a part of me, so I suppose that I'm trying to say that I finally feel like I belong on the wall too.

 Before we left, Gigi, our resident super shopper, got several toys and tools (i.e. an awesome moose toy that Addie loves and a mirror/sun shades/cool towel & Minnie Mouse gear!) which made our trip home much more enjoyable!  We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us and continue to do for us.

Much love to you & yours,

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