A Dad with Girls

 Growing up I always thought that my dad was invincible.  He was big and strong; bigger and stronger than other dads (or so I thought at least!)  If I was sick or hurt and dad said it was okay; I was ok.  As a hypochondriac in training, I needed that reassurance...I wish that it was still that simple!

In elementary school I loved when I missed the bus because that meant that my dad had to take me to school, and of course we would stop at a local bakery for kolaches on the way (southern kolaches...you know the ones with sausage...not these cookies Chicagolanders give the same name.)  I think dad and I colluded to miss the bus about once a week!  In our defense the best kolache bakery was by my school, which was on the other side of town from our house...we needed an excuse...naturally.

If he had a meeting or job by my school he would take me on a lunch date.  Dad should have hosted the show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" back in the 90's because if someone was serving good food be it a palace or shack dad would find it.  He is the reason that I love to cook and eat!

Our summers with dad were filled with pool time, i.e. how far can dad throw us in the pool or "golfing"...let's be honest Kristen and I went for the Arnold Palmers/Shirley Temples and to drive the cart...much to dad's dismay.  Dad tried to teach us hunting, fishing and flying; we tagged along, though we never really took up any.  I know that he would have loved for us to enjoy his hobbies as much as he does but we just liked being with him.

My dad is the best.  I know some people think he's goofy or strict or conservative, but he's mine and I love him as he is for who he is.  God gave him girls to test him I'm sure, but he has loved my sister and I with every ounce of his being from day one and as long as I live he will be my hero.

Dan is still getting used to being a daddy, and having never had sisters all of the pink paraphernalia is new to him!  I love watching him play with AJ and seeing her eyes light up when she sees him, and hearing him sing her to sleep melts my heart.  He's looking forward to the end of the blob stage when he can play with her in earnest!                              

 Lastly, I have loved seeing both my dad and my father-in-law with AJ.  They are both so gentle and sweet with her...this little muffin in such big arms.  I know that one day she will love them as much as we do!

Happy Father's Day!

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