Daily AJ: Week 2

 I'm a bit slow on posting this week...sorry!

 Sunday: Our lazy, stay in PJ's all day kind of day.  I got the little lamb bonnet on Etsy; it's still a bit big for her but I love it...she's not too sure.

Monday: I needed a little ego boost, so I put her in the "pretty like mommy" outfit.

Tuesday:  My mom gave Addy Jane the little lamb outfit and the little ruffles on the bumper are probably my favorite.

 Not the greatest photo...she's still a baby bobble head when it comes to being able to hold her head up with any regularity, but she's working on it!

Wednesday:  This was my mom's birthday and boy was it a gray day outside...hence the crummy lighting.  Even though we weren't able to celebrate with MiMi, Addy wanted to get dresses up...naturally.  

Thursday: Dan had been traveling for work all week but was coming home Thursday night, so I thought the monkey "Daddy's Girl" outfit from Kristen was appropriate. 

Friday: She's on the verge of outgrowing her newborn footie outfits so I'm trying to use them as much as I can, besides, who doesn't love turtles?!?

Saturday: Grandma & Grandpa S were here so we broke out a dress because we knew GiGi would appreciate the effort.  This is an outfit from Aunt Kristen (note: half of Addy's wardrobe is from Aunt Kristen, and anyone who knows my fashionista sister is not surprised by this info; she has great taste!)

Sunday: She had her future BFF's first birthday to attend; L's mommy gave us this outfit so we had to wear it for the party.  However, we didn't actually take Addy because L had 80+ people at the party and due to the flu still hanging around the area the pediatrician doesn't want us to go around "crowds" yet.

As you can see, her little facial birthmarks are slowly starting to fade.  They sort of come and go depending on how angry she is with me at any given time!

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