One Month

We have finally reached a month...well, six weeks to be truthful...I just haven't had a chance to upload these photos until now!

First, I tried laying her on a cushion on the floor...(the paper decor is what was used for her shower...I'm planning to hang them in her nursery eventually.)

Can you tell that this kid's going to be tall yet?!?!  Well, she looks like a bump on a log, so I flipped her over...

She was too interested in my backdrop to look at the camera, so we moved to her rocking chair and I added a friend for perspective...

I showed this to my sister and she said there was too much white and that she should be back in the pink outfit...

 Now I have plenty to choose from!

It has been a whirlwind few weeks; it is amazing how quickly our lives have changed.  As I mentioned previously, Addy Jane did not pass her hearing test.  We took her back at two weeks and she failed again so we had to take her to an audiologist.  Her ear canals were too small for the electronic test to work properly so they did what looked to me like an old school speaker type of test.  She passed all three tests.  The doctor thinks that she likely has normal hearing with a chance that she has some mild hearing loss.  We have to return when she's three months old so that they can conduct the full test and determine her range.  I continue to pray everyday that her hearing is normal, but I have more of a peace about our situation.  My dad reminds me that it's in God's hands and there is nothing that worrying about can do to help her, a reminder that I need to hear.

She still only sleeps a max of about four hours at a time at night, which is rough, but thankfully I don't have a problem going back to sleep again after getting up to feed her.  She still won't take a bottle with any regularity so I'm on my own for the feedings.  I think that she's worked out a deal with Dan...she doesn't take a bottle now so dad gets to sleep, but then he owes her a car at 16????  To be fair, Dan will get up and change her for me between feedings if I ask, which is certainly helpful, but I try to only use that card once a night during the week so that he won't feel like a zombie at work.

I'm looking forward to the two month mark when we can go into public again and I can feel less like a recluse.  I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who works hard so that I'm able to stay home and enjoy these baby snuggles, for I know that she will grow up far too quickly.

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