Easter Fun

The past few years we have spent Easter with my dad's family.  However, we have since moved to the midwest and now have to establish new traditions.

We cannot go back to church until after she's 2 months because the pediatrician doesn't want us to go into big crowds yet.  Thankfully our church streams the services online so we can attend remotely.  Anyhow, so our day began with a little photo session for the grandparents.

Then we baked some hot cross buns.  This recipe comes from my time at Bouchon Bakery; Chef Matt created this formula and they are by far the best that I have ever tasted, so if you're ever in Yountville around Easter with little ones go to the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Ad Hoc garden: they do a lovely job.  However, those of us who aren't lucky enough to attend in person, we can make them at home.  They turned out beautifully...I'll do a post on them later...they are easy, yet a bit time consuming.

Then we headed over to our friend's home for what was a lovely afternoon.  Mrs. V set a beautiful table...I wish that I had taken a photo of it!  She had floral china and beautiful centerpieces along with the cutest favors at each place setting. (See photo below that I took at our house later!)

After Easter dinner, which was the best meal I've had in weeks, we had an Easter egg hunt.  It was not only for the little ones but for the big kids too...these eggs had candy, cash, and lotto tickets in them!!!

There were two "princess" eggs for L and AJ; they had a token for a book in them.  AJ's was a "Pat the Bunny" fabric activity book.  I've read it to her twice now...she doesn't quite get it yet but she likes watching me talk as I read it :P

Finally, we ended with a lamb shaped pound cake (among many other treats!)...I am a sucker for white American buttercream...terrible for you but oh-so-yummy.

I had to take a photo and mention my wonderful Aunt B too: she sent us an Easter care package with treats for us and Addy Jane.  We have spent the last few Easters with her, my Aunt P, Uncle HP and cousins and we miss having them so close.

I hope that you and yours had a blessed day as well.


  1. We missed you guys this year for sure but Olivia used her carrot basket you made her!

    1. I love that Aunt B does the carrot hunt..carrots and quarters :)