Daily AJ: Week 1

A friend challenged me to take a photo of Addy Jane everyday, even if it's just on my phone.  I try to send these snap shots daily to the fam but I thought it might be a good idea to start putting her in her rocking chair each day for a quick shot...these are from this week. (I'll be moving this chair to a sunnier spot in the house after seeing how dark these photos turned out!!)

SUNDAY: You've seen this one already but this was my daily and my "Easter" photo for the parents :)

MONDAY: the "mommy please pick me up now" face

TUESDAY: miss sassy pants!

WEDNESDAY: bust it...bust a move; we're working on her 80's hip hop dance

THURSDAY: The artistic profile pose.  She looks like my side of the family from her profile and Dan's side straight on.

FRIDAY: getting ready for the weekend...practicing throwing down the hang loose Hawaii hand sign

Have a great weekend!  We'll be attempting to rehab our overgrown, dead yard...before and after photos to follow!

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