Adelaide Jane

I'm sorry for the hiatus; we welcomed our little bundle of joy Adelaide Jane at 11:22pm on Wednesday, March 12th.  Below are the photos taken at the hospital the morning of the 13th.  The pink blanket in the photos was mine as a kid; hence the ratty edges of lace...I loved that thing!

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for an easy delivery.  Contractions started to kick into gear at around 5:30pm, my water broke at 6:30pm; we arrived at the hospital around 7:15pm and we had her in our arms by 11:22pm.  The nurses and my doctor were wonderful and I was so glad to have both Dan and my mom by my side through it all.

We do have one request though for all who may be reading this; our little one didn't pass her hearing test at the hospital and so we have to return next Wednesday to get her retested.  This is weighing heavily on my heart and as much as I try to not worry and just give it to God it breaks my heart to think that she may not be able to hear.  Please please pray that it was just fluid in her ears and that her hearing is a-okay.

I'm off to try and get some sleep!!!

much love,

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