40 Days of Lent....40 Weeks of Pregnancy

Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) was the start of the Lenten season and as I was thinking about Lent and what it means to me I couldn't help juxtaposition it with pregnancy.

Lent is a time for self examination and fasting in preparation for Easter, the resurrection of Christ.  When I was small all I really understood about Lent was that you had to give up something; in my family this was usually chocolate!  Going to church on Ash Wednesday was a sign of pride, similar to the "I voted" sticker you get on election day, a sign that you did your religious duty.

So, what does faith have to do with pregnancy?  Well, when you are pregnant, you have to give up certain things...caffeine, alcohol, lunch meat, soft cheeses, etc. etc., a bit of a forced fast, but even more I feel that self examination comes into play, a time of reflection before your whole world changes.  I have been experiencing so many mixed emotions that I thought it would be fun to create something that was honest and raw about my life during this journey, a memento that I can give our child one day...more on that later....

For now, below are the "bump" photos.  I'm still training Dan in the art of photography...we'll have to work on this before the next kiddo!  Also, somehow we missed weeks 18 and 20?!?

much love,

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